Third All-German Meeting of Polish IT Professionals in Germany

We are organizing our THIRD meeting: Everyone is invited together with their families, members of our Forum, supporters and everyone who feels connected with us, from Germany, Poland, Europe and the whole world !!! 

Date: Weekend May 8-10

Where: Sauerland, about 60km from Dortmund. Hotel (DJH Möhnesee) on the lake, in the forest with food, drink, we have a pre-booked hotel for 2 nights: from Friday afternoon to Sunday noon. 

The cost is the same as in last year: max 50 EUR per person (food + night + breakfast) per day. All costs will be settled as last time after the event. Detailed information can be found on the Polish community-it forum, if you do not find an answer to your problems, write on the portal, I will answer on a regular basis via e-mail and on the forum. 

URGENT !!! Please provide for how many days you will arrive (Friday to Sunday = 2 or Saturday / Sunday = 1), the number of people (adults / children + their age) and contact details (telephone, exact address). DJH card yes / no Please send your applications to the address of Krzycha. Organizational team for the third meeting Krzychu + tomek PS: We do not have a meeting yet (except for evenings), we would be very grateful for any suggestions