Act On Resettlement to Germany

The GC program (new applications) expires from 1.1.2005 Zuwanderungsgesetz comes into force in Germany.

Although Poland belongs to the EU from 1.5.2004, there are still problems with employment in German for Polish citizens.

It is easy to:
– registration in Germany for Poles
– company registration (in any form)

However, taking up a job as an employee for IT specialists (and in other professions) will, in my opinion, be easier than now if the future employer really wants it.

The employer must justify in AA (Urzad Pracy / Arbeitsamt) that:
– a person from Poland, through his qualifications, is necessary for his company
– there are no unemployed people-Germans who meet these qualifications

What is important, there will be no restrictions that were in the GC program:
– limited employment contract for 5 years
– minimum earnings combined with education