From The Editors

Probably each of us remembers the year 2000. In the spring of that year, the German parliament, under the pressure of industrial circles, passed a law facilitating the employment of highly qualified specialists from Central and Eastern Europe and Asian countries. First of all, this act covers specialists with education related to new technologies, i.e. IT specialists. For many young people there was a chance to gain professional experience while working in one of the leading countries of the Common Europe.

Specialists employed under the terms of this act, the “Green Card”, focused in the main industrial centers of Germany, ie: Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, etc. Of the three mentioned, Munich plays a key role in shaping IT trends in the united Europe. It is compared to the American Silicon Valley. Living in exile in a foreign country causes a desire to focus and get to know each other better. As a result of the discussion in the news group: pl.praca.dyskusje, IT specialists working and living on a green card basis in the vicinity of Munich organized several informal meetings where they got to know each other better and thanks to which the idea of establishing this portal was born. Idea discussed later in a wider group,


The website was created on German soil, therefore its primary purpose is to gather information and emigration experiences for potential green carders in Germany. As it develops, we will expand the base of articles and services contained on the websites with information from other countries of Western Europe and America.
The website’s articles base will cover information about life, ways of settling down and how to survive difficult beginnings in a new environment. All this information may seem irrelevant from the point of view of candidates for a job in a foreign country, but after reaching the destination they will constitute a “must-have” – knowledge about navigating in the new reality in the difficult first days of emigration. Each website user will be able to share their experiences on the pages of the newsgroup attached to the website as well as share their comments on the information contained in individual articles. We also decided not to limit ourselves to content only in Polish. Due to the multifaceted and international nature of our emigration, the website will be additionally run in English and German. We have made every effort to that the content of the website constitutes a coherent whole. However, we are open to all voices, comments and new ideas. For this purpose, we invite you to visit and use our guest book. This section, combined with the possibility of expressing comments, will allow us to collect the necessary information in order to keep the website in a clean and up-to-date condition.


Our initiative is in no way related to economic activity. However, we are considering equipping the website with the possibility of placing paid ads in the future. These activities will be used to collect funds for its conduct.


Dear Reader. We look forward to visiting our pages. We hope that when considering the possibility of going abroad in search of work experience abroad, you will have the opportunity to once again use the materials and information gathered here to properly shape your image of the country you are going to.